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Music BLAST!

Summer Camp 2022

Ages 4-9

July 18th, 20th, 21st, 22nd

9:00-11:00AM Central
(NOTE: Wednesday's session will be 10:00-12:00noon)

$80 per camper

Let's Play Music - La Porte
(1012 Lincolnway, inside Roxy Music)


A brand-new summer camp all about music around the world!  We'll blast off in our imaginary music-fueled rocket-fast jet that takes us to countries around the world to learn how music can sound so, so different...but bring us all together just the same.  Due to the focus of music in different cultures, this camp is suitable for anyone ages 4-9, from those with no musical experience to my LPM graduates.

Every day, we will be singing songs from around the world, crafting mini musical instruments of our own, discovering and experimenting with all sorts of instruments, composers, deepening our musical skills with games and more!  Mrs. Katie strives to have a guest musician visit with their instrument every day of camp (previous instruments include the hammered dulcimer, professional harmonica player, oboe, clarinet, guitar, bassoon, flute and piccolo).  Maximum of 12 children per camp. Register Here.

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