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Frequently Asked Questions

​​What is Let's Play Music?

Let's Play Music is a music theory course that emphasizes total musicianship through piano playing, singing, classical music, note reading and ear training... and it's accomplished through play!  This 3 year program enables children to truly learn the language of music so that they can go on to excel in any further music study (instruments, choir, etc).

​​What is Sound Beginnings?

Sound Beginnings is a course to develop intelligence and confidence in your child in a setting of music, play, and parental nurturing!  SB families register for a new class every semester.

What is Presto?

Presto teaches all of the fundamentals of LPM at an accelerated pace for an older audience, ages 7-12. A rich music history course has been built into each lesson, there is a BIG emphasis on proper technique and finger strengthening.  Students are split into small groups of 3-4 per class.  All classmates are within one grade of each other -- i.e. ages 7 + 8 are in a class, 9 + 10 and 11 + 12.

How long are the classes?  Do parent attend?

SB classes are weekly for 30 minutes.  Each semester is 15 weeks long. Parents actively attend each class.

LPM students participate in six semesters (15 classes per semester).  Classes are weekly for 45 minutes in the first year, 50 minutes the second year, and 55 minutes the third year.  Parents attend twice a month in first year.  Parents attend once a month in second and third years, and actively assist their students at home in daily practice.

Presto students participate in four semesters (15 classes per semester).  Classes are weekly for 60 minutes.  Each semester is 15 weeks long.  Parents do not attend Presto classes, but actively assist their students at home in daily practice.

How much is tuition?

Sound Beginnings - $180 per semester, due on the first day of class. Siblings are $50 each.

Let's Play Music - First Year Student: 8 payments of $60 ($480/year)

    Second Year Student: 8 payments of $70 ($560/year)

    Third Year Student: 8 payments of $80 ($640/year)

Do you give sibling discounts?

For Sound Beginnings, yes.  While the first student is $180 for the semester, each additional sibling is $50.  Corporate LPM does not allow for sibling discounts in LPM or Presto.

I love the sound of these programs, but I'm not sure I can afford them...

For families who are committed to musical education for their child, a partial scholarship may be available.  If finances are your only hesitation, please contact me.

Are materials required?

Yes.  Just like a workman needs his toolbox, your student's materials are essential to their progress!  For information on material fees, click here.

Where are classes located?

My private studio is located within Roxy Music - 1012 Lincolnway, La Porte, IN 46350.  Visitors must make an appointment with me to sit in on a class.

Are you FBI Background Checked?

Absolutely.  Let's Play Music requires all their teachers to pass an FBI background check and renew it regularly.

​My hubby does not see the benefit in music classes.  What can I share with him?

Everyone experiences music differently.  Some parents may have apprehensions toward music class simply because they had a bad experience with a music teacher growing up, because they grew up with a focus on sports, or because they don't realize how powerful music can be in forming a child.

While every family's journey will look different, and LPM is not for everyone, here are a few things to consider...

Every person is influenced by music on a daily basis.  We hear it at home, on tv/movies, in the car, grocery store, dentist, dr., school, etc.  We choose to purposefully listen to certain songs, genres, types of music that intertwine with our moods, emotions, age, etc.  Music connects us with other people, as well as emotional and personal life experiences.  Every person can enjoy listening to music or watching a concert or musical event, just like every person can enjoy watching a sporting event.  Though that doesn't mean that we understand all of the intricacies that go along with them.  We are simply passive participators.  To be active participants in any subject we must learn the specific skills associated with it. 


Music is a discipline like any  other subject.  It teaches so many purposeful skills.  For one, it teaches us how to work diligently and the need for consistency to progress.  It teaches us delayed gratification in that not everything is successful the first time we try it.  We have to learn how to work!  It teaches us how to listen critically, how to analyze ourselves, how describe what we are listening to and make changes to improve.  It teaches us how to perform in front of people, how to improvise, how to create and be creative.  All of these are important life skills in working with others!

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