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​Sound Beginnings
educating children through musical play

For children ages 0-4 & their caregivers.


Brown Teddy Bears

August to December 2024

8-12 children with their caregivers.

Classes are once per week for a total of 15 classes.

Need your teacher's enrollment code? 
Text Meg at 219-851-4506 or Katie at 262-794-2570.

Class time options:


Wednesdays - register here
9:15-9:45am with Mrs. Katie

10:00-10:30am with Mrs. Katie

6:35-7:05pm with Mrs. Katie

Fridays - register here

9:10am-9:40am with Mrs. Meg

9:55-10:25am with Mrs. Meg
10:40-11:10am with Mrs. Meg

Saturdays -
register here

10:15-10:45am with Mrs. Katie

Materials (purchase online at registration):

$35 workbook, digital album and semester instrument

$2.99 shipping/handling fee

*New families must also purchase the Sound Beginnings Tote Bag*

​​Tuition (due the first day of class):

 $180 for first child per semester.

 $50 for each additional sibling per semester.

Notes on younger siblings:

*All children ages 1+ must have their own workbook and instrument.

*This class truly is for ages zero through four years old. All babies must be registered to be present in class.  Infants accompanying older siblings may attend tuition-free during the semester in which they are born.  After that, they can attend under the sibling rate of $50.  Curious how music class affects a newborn?  The impacts are incredible!! 

​​The SB Curriculum rotates through 6 independent semesters:

Fall 2024: Brown Teddy Bears

​Spring 2025: Pink Piggies

Fall 2025: White Horses

Spring 2026: Silver Buttons

Fall 2026: Black Spiders

Spring 2027: Gold Stars

The Brown Teddy Bears semester description

This semester highlights many preschool concepts/skills, including

  • seasons

  • weather

  • rhyming words

  • right and left

  • reciting nursery rhymes

  • dressing according to season/weather

  • steps to get ready in the morning

  • A-M alphabet letters, sounds, hand signs and objects

We also study musical concepts such as

  • the major scale

  • keeping a steady beat

  • loud & soft

  • up & down

  • high & low

  • fast & slow

  • rhythmic subdivision

  • solfege names &
 hand signs

  • singing in tune

  • classical music listening

  • accompaniment
 with bells

  • instrument families

  • vocal play


As in all SB semesters, we also cover

  • letter names & sounds

  • concepts about print

  • tracking left to right

  • exposure to ASL alphabet

  • colors

  • counting to 10

  • identifying name sequencing

  • listening to a story sung aloud

  • sharing and taking turns

  • parent/child bonding

  • sibling bonding

  • imaginative play & creativity listening

  • group interaction and teamwork.


Sound Beginnings teaches these concepts by incorporating Literacy and Kindergarten Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Rhythm and Beat, Vocal and Pitch Development and Parent Bonding (how your child learns best!).


Classes meet for 15 weeks. Classes are 30 minutes in length.  Caregivers attend with their child every week.

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