Hi! My name is Katie Shannon, a Certified Let's Play Music teacher located in La Porte, Indiana. I am married to my Land Surveyor husband, Stephen, and have three young children who are currently enrolled in Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings.

I am one of four Let's Play Music teachers in the state of Indiana! I am so honored to teach children through this program. I know that it is just as much a blessing in my life as it is in theirs!


When I first learned about Let's Play Music, it was truly an answered prayer for me. I had been running a private piano studio of over 30 students but was burning myself out trying to teach all of these beautiful kids! Let's Play Music allows me to impact so many more than 30 kids every week without running myself and my family ragged. I do still run a small private studio on the side, but love having LPM as my focus.

We sing, we dance, we read music, ear train, harmonize, play the bells, autoharp and keyboard, discover and interpret classical music, subdivide beats in rhythm, transpose, compose, and SO much more! By the end of Let's Play Music, your child has become a complete musician and understands the language of music as well as an advanced piano student who has been playing for years. All of this is possible because of the way Let's Play Music is formatted -- allowing children to understand the most difficult of concepts in a way that works for them.

So join us! Come to a sample class to learn more today, or contact me with additional questions at 219-649-1540 or



Katie Shannon

(219) 649-1540


Classes are held at the Let's Play Music studio inside Roxy Music at 1012 Lincolnway, La Porte.

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